HIRE - modular pontoon with hydraulic stabilisation - WALDEMAR.        Option JACK-UP pontoon rearrangement.

  • Dimensions: L X B X H - 36,58m x 14,63m x 1,83m
  • Option - (pontoon ca be easely extended to 36,58 x 17x1,83 with 4 spud legs basing on extra owned modules).
  • Modular pontoon with 2 pcs spud legs 18 or 24 or 30m long each (in case of need, the lenght of spud legs can be extended). 2 extra spud legs + modules can be installed on demand.
  • 16 x (12,1m x 2,4m) modules + 4 x (6,09m x 2,43m) modules gives above dimensions which can be extended by connecting additional modules with shape change option.
  • Equipment:  2 hydraulic mooring winches * anchor *hydraqulic power pack HPU * wooden crane mats x 25 pcs * light mast
  • Load: 500T - 600T (depends of sailing/work area)  gives a way to place most of heavy machines on the pontoon, however will be possible to extend it by connecting additional modules in case of need.
  • Pontoon can be rearranged in 2 pcs of Jack-Up pontoons with lifting cappacity of 80-100 Tons depends of configuration basing on separate arrangement.
  • Sea/river/truck transportable.
  • Pontoon used for heavy pile drivers/cranes/excavators etc.
  • Pontoon under 5 years class by Polish Register of Shipping.
  • Repair works: In FEB 2024 large painting works has been provided on each module of pontoon (HP 500 Bar washing, chemical washing, ST3 mechanical cleaning, TU painting, full coat painting, Anti-Skid layer was applied on whole deck surface). Paint: SIGMA. Hydraulic hoses renewed, HPU + hydraulic winches overhauled. Also necessary steel works has been provided - see gallery.
  • Send inquiry: apol@apol.com.pl


There are several examples in the gallery below showing how pontoon's shape can be modified and stability improved by adding of additional modules